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A Good Day of Mixed Operations

posted Aug 14, 2012, 12:50 PM by Northwest Soaring Club

Last Sunday's operations were a great example of the flexibility that the Cadillac area has afforded our club. We provided eight flights to one-day members, or boosters as we refer to them. These are guests who may have an interest in joining the club or are just simply looking to experience soaring. These operations include a glider pilot, tow plane pilot and our happy ground crew. Yesterday the ground crew consisted of a couple of students, John Warren and Mark Miller, who, when our guests were done for the day, each got a number of short flights to practice takeoffs and landings in preparation for their flight tests later this year. Also during the afternoon, Mike Stimac, Pete Brancheau and John Velis enjoyed soaring conditions that allowed them to soar above 6000 feet and stay aloft for over three hours. Mike himself covering well over 100 miles while aloft. At one point we had five gliders in the skys above Cadillac all sharing the wonderful lift provide for us by the day.