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Club Fun and Points for the Club

posted Jun 22, 2013, 3:29 AM by Northwest Soaring Club

Thanks to Tony, Lloyd and Carol for making a flying day for the rest of us.  Thanks to Neil for the assist on assembly and dis-assembly of M1.


Great to see Kevin flying a glider - and the tow plane!  And already spot landing the 2-33 with taxis' right back to the starting grid!  Kevin is still working on staying aloft however.  That's next.


Unlike Neil, who launched slightly after an unassisted L-23 launch right after his sole L-23 check with Carol.  Neil skied out (considering the 5000 foot tops) and proceeded to tear it up flying small triangles around Wexford.  All the while watching my glider back on the ground as I fell out of the rather disorganized lower levels of lift.  That must have caused just a bit of a chuckle to the O2-starved operator 5000 feet above me.


Hoping to play around aloft with Neil in some thermals, I launched again.  And play is really all we could do on Friday.  It wasn't a get-away day; at least for this driver.  Erik and his hardware could probably have done something.  The first flight did get me to Manton without really trying to go anywhere but the conditions to the north and east looked sketchy, so I cautiously headed back to the security of our house thermals for a quick look at the trace.


Now...Neil and I flew together most of my second flight, although I was inspecting his undercarriage most of the time.  But here is the trace which shows us stretching out toward Lake City together.  We didn't get too far because of the conditions, but it was fun to fly a mini-stretch of the glide together.


The southern regions had a better day than we did.  Glen Betzoldt spanked it with an over-300k flight from Richmond yesterday.  And as you can see, the folks further south at Cesar Creek in OH really lit it up.  But only one guy out flew Glen's Michigan ride.  for standings, and  for the trace.  As you can see here, Glen did it all between 3000 and 4500 feet.


Click here to see our club standings in the region, and the state...  We're third in the state, seventh in the region.  Temporarily.


So why all this with the links and such?  I would urge our club enthusiasts to go the OLC home site and register.  This gives everyone the free ability to log your flights, analyze them, and record your achievement.  What you can't do when you're not registered and logged in, is see the cool Google Earth trace of flights looking at the exact tree you flew over.  So when 10 members have simply registered, I will hold a rain-day clinic on how to navigate the site, download XC Soar - the free app - which is a flight recorder, and gps - and the basics to operation of XC Soar.  Let me know when we have 10 registered, and have a safe Saturday!


M1 out