Introductory Flights

Soaring is for the young...

and the young at heart!

The Northwest Soaring club invites you to experience the thrills, excitement and beauty of seemingly motionless flight over the Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac, the City of Cadillac and nearby rolling countryside of Northern Michigan. Our licensed pilots will help you enjoy the beauty of glider flight over glorious Wexford County. Join our club for a day and choose from one of our introductory flights below. After your flight, consider a lifetime membership. Ask any club member for details.

Introductory Flights
(Daily Membership Required - $50)

The Eagle
Enjoy one of America’s most beautiful costal locations from the air! Observe all aspects of a glider flight including flight line prep, take-off, and glider in tow. Reaching 3,000 feet, or cloud clearance limits, experience the exhilarating spring to freedom with a release of the tow hook and continued flight without the assistance of an engine. Gentle turns and silence will dominate as you take in the scenery of Lake Mitchell and the rolling hills of Northern Michigan. Lake Michigan may be observed on a clear day and,  if available, a thermal may be circled to gain altitude. Slowly descending, your Pilot will prepare for a landing at the Gliderport. Once landed, you will enjoy the lasting memory of glider operations at Cadillac, Michigan. 
Release Altitude: 3,000 feet
Cost: $35 includes Tow Plane, Fuel, Tow Pilot, Glider, Glider Pilot, Wing Runner and YOU!

The Thunderbird
The ride includes all aspects of the Fledgling, however lasts approximately 30% longer, provides better viewing with an additional 1000 feet of altitude, and may provide time to introduce you to the controls of the glider! 
Release Altitude: 4,000 feet
Cost: $45 includes Tow Plane, Fuel, Tow Pilot, Glider, Glider Pilot, Wing Runner and YOU!

The Mile-High Club
This five thousand foot tow is the highest of our normal operations. There is time to become acquainted with the aerodynamics of tow, glider positioning on tow, and release procedures. Bring a camera, as this ride will allow plenty of photo opportunities. At times, the release will be at an altitude higher than the clouds.
Release Altitude: 5,300 feet
Cost: $85 includes Tow Plane, Fuel, Tow Pilot, Glider, Glider Pilot, Wing Runner and YOU!

Soaring times are dependent on conditions and release altitude. All flights are limited to one hour.

Gift Certificates Available

For more information call 231-352-9160.