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Any Member of the Northwest Soaring Club can sponsor an individual for membership. We require the completion of a simple application (under 18 must be signed by a parent/guardian) along with an initiation fee. Two simple steps, and you’re in! Students and families enjoy reduced (1/2 price) initiation fees.

Club members pay annual dues. When these member dues are current, individuals enjoy all the privileges of membership, including access to club equipment and instruction. Again, students and additional family members pay 1/2 the regular amount. Membership in the club automatically includes membership in the Soaring Society of America, the national governing authority for the United States. Members pay for each glider tow, and a nominal aircraft rental fee for flights lasting over 30 minutes. Club operations are regulated by the rules of the FAA, the requirements of our insurance provider, and our club by-laws and operations manual.

The Northwest Soaring Club is a self governing Michigan non-profit corporation. The club is governed by an elected board and officers. Members participate directly in many aspects of club governance.

Our club is a great place to experience aviation at an extremely intimate level. When you join, you’ll become a part of a community that spans every level of aviation experience, and we all have a great time flying!

If you’re interested in details, and would like to consider membership contact us via our standard channels:


We’d be happy to answer all you questions.